We help carers with form filling, advocacy and intervention.

We run various coffee mornings where you can meet up with other carers and have a chat, putting the world to right!

We also have monthly forum meetings where you as a carer can have a say and an input in how services are changed and developed in the borough, either through the Local Authority or within Health.

For the carer to have some well earned respite, WeLoveCarers run several groups where the children or young adults they care for can socialise.


INSIGHT was the original name for the charity. When the charity changed its name to WeLoveCarers, INSIGHT became the support group for carers of adults.

4us Support Group

This support group is for adults with disabilities from the age of 25 upwards. It runs every Wednesday evening from 6pm to 9pm at Queens Cross Network. Whilst at this group the young adults are learning life skills, taking part in new hobbies and workshops and run their tuck shop. There is a charge of £5 per session.


CHAOS! play scheme was founded in 2009. It originated as a small group run by volunteers for children with Autism ranging from ages 4 to 19. As the play scheme grew, children with other disabilities were invited to join. We are proud to provide a local service for children of numerous disabilities and a wide age range.

Sunday CHAOS! at Scallywags Brierley Hill

This is a specicially designed session for families of children with special needs and disabilities, usually held on the last Sunday of the month at Scallywags Brierley Hill between 9am and 10:45am.

Total CHAOS!

Total CHAOS! takes place every Saturday at the Queens Cross Network from 10am – 12noon giving parents 2 hours of respite. These sessions are for children aged between 5 and 15 years who don’t need 1:1 support, and their siblings. There is a charge of £5 per session, per child. This is held during term time only.

Extreme CHAOS!

Extreme CHAOS! is a youth club for 13-12 years which takes place on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month. Learning life skills, new hobbies, tuck shop and fun workshops! Siblings are wlecome. There is a charge of £5 per session. This is held during term time only.

Complete CHAOS!

This is a project that takes place during the summer holidays for 3 weeks for children aged 4-19 with profound and multiple disabilities and complex needs needing at least 1:1 support. There is a charge of £25 for the day.

Holiday CHAOS!

This is a project that takes place during the summer holidays for 2 weeks for children who usually attend Total CHAOS! on a Saturday. There is a charge of £20 per session, per child.

Inclusive Sports

This takes place on a Thursday evening for young people aged 14+ years to take part in sports activities. These sessions are run by Dudley Inclusive Activities. There is a charge of £5 per session. This is held during term time only.

1:1 Support

We help carers with form filling, benefit advice and getting them the correct support that they deserve.


WeLoveCarers will help the carer find their voice. We will support them to express their views to the people that matter. We will support the carer by attending meetings and help them speak in situations they might find stressful.

Forum Meetings

We run a monthly meeting to discuss any issues the carer may have with the Local Authority and Health. The chairty will represent the carers at meetings with the Local Authority and Health.

Coffee Mornings

We hvae weekly coffee mornings at our contre, so carers can have a friendly chat with other carers. The main aim of these groups is to stop the isolation of the carer and allow new friendships to build and flourish.

Craft and Keep Fit Sessions

Promoting better mental health for our Carers through exercise and crafts. We run a variety of exercise groups ranging from term time weekly sessions or one-off taster sessions. Some of these activities include Yoga, Nordic walking, Park Fit and Laughter Yoga.

Montly craft sessions are also run where you can try your hand at something new while having a cuppa and a chat with other carers.

Other activities may be looked at in the future, so keep an eye out for new announcements.


For £1 a week, you can have access to all of our forums, play groups, 100 club and discounts to a variety of businesses.

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